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Great that you found the way to my blog. Thank you!

For a while I thought about whether I would even offer a blog on this art website and, above all, what topics it should have. After all, you don't want to bore your readers with drawing and painting details. Then I decided to start the blog. The subjects he is supposed to deal with are my pictures. I am going to tell you what made me choose to draw or paint a picture and what personally connects me to this picture.

An artist paints and draws from his soul. His artistic themes are those that touch him emotionally and that interest him. It is the same with me. This website consists of two major subject areas: the hand-painted works and the digital art images that were drawn in an image editing program. I am very interested in both areas, although the hand-painted pictures are clearly the more emotional ones. This is also due to the way they are created. The hand guides the brush, chalk or pencil. I now mostly create my digital pictures with a graphic tablet. Only the graphics that I draw in the vector program Inkscape are created with the computer mouse.

Interessante Eindrücke können Sie unter anderem unter Menüpunkt “Arbeitseinsichten” gewinnen. Dort zeige ich Ihnen anhand von Fotos, welche Materialien ich verwende, wie manche Bilder gerahmt aussehen und an welchen Orten ich meine künstlerischen Studien betreibe. Darunter befinden sich auch Reisefotos, da mich diese Reisen ganz besonders zur Malerei inspiriert haben.

How Often Will You Blog?

I hope to find time to blog as often as possible. I am sometimes very involved in time and have to set priorities. That's why I don't want to give you any fixed days when I blog.

How Can I Contact You?

With pleasure! Just write to info@art-ledermann.de

I usually answer within a few hours.

Now I hope you enjoy my blog. You will learn a lot about my motivation and the relationship to a picture.


Martina Ledermann

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