Make Colorful Egg Tempera Yourself DIY - Tutorial


Dear art lovers,

yesterday my pigments arrived in the mail. I bought it from a company that deals with concrete production. So they are not typical branded pigments. Nevertheless, I find the pigments to be of high quality. I painted the picture above with these pigments, which I used to make egg tempera based on the old model. The colors shine beautifully. After scanning, however, you have to increase the color saturation in an image editing program, otherwise the bright colors are not as bright. Depending on how the scanner settings are. In this article I would like to give you instructions on how you can make egg tempera for your painting according to the old model - without any strong smelling substances. Many painters simply paint in their private rooms without having their own studio where they can work. Then it is important not to use strong smelling substances.


You need the following materials (some optional):

  • Pigments you here can order, approx.EUR 16.80 plus postage for 6 x 100 g pigment (I don't earn anything from this recommendation)
  • 1 cup with water, ideally distilled water for more color purity
  • 1 pipette to absorb the water
  • Small cups for mixing the colors (e.g. ice cube boxes, boxes/glass for mixing watercolor paints or the like)
  • 1 paint spatula or a fork to mix the paint
  • 2-6 tea / mocha spoons for filling the pigments
  • 1 to 6 eggs (depending on how much color you want to mix)
  • Newsprint to underlay
  • Two cups to separate the eggs
  • Please make sure you have a fine dust mask. The fine dust particles can be inhaled accidentally.


I'll give you the example using the ice cube tray because I've tried it with it.

  1. Take the two cups, place them side by side and separate the eggs (instructions can be found on the Internet).
  2. Put half a tea / mocha spoon of pigment (color of your choice) in the first compartment of the ice cube container.
  3. Put the same amount of egg yolk in the ice cube tray with the spoon. Please do not use the egg protein!
  4. Take the pipette and fill it with the distilled water. Put this water in the ice cube container with the egg yolk pigment mass. Repeat this process two to three times, depending on the desired color intensity.
  5. Mix the mass thoroughly with the paint spatula or fork.
  6. Ready to paint!

This way you can create wonderful egg tempera colors that don't smell at all - neither during the painting process nor afterwards. They also shine wonderfully. You can also mix these egg tempera colors together so that you get along very well with the six colors that are included in the pigment package from the manufacturer. Finally, another picture that I painted with these egg tempera colors:

Happy painting!



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