10.09.2020 SWISSART EXPO/Artbox Project Zürich 2.0

Dear art lovers,

vorab, die App ist online. Sie erhalten sie auf Amazon.

Hier unten sehen Sie mein Bild “Fliegenpilze im Wald” auf der Swissart Expo Zürich im Zusammenhang mit dem Artbox Project Zürich 2.0. Sie fand zwischen dem 20. und 24. August 2020 statt.


07/26/2020 The app is under review

Dear friends of art, my app is currently under review at Amazon Developers. Please keep your fingers crossed that she will get through. I inform you at this point.


Martina Ledermann

07/22/2020 Progress in my art app

Dear friends of art, here I show you a small video about the progress in my art app.

Kind regards,

Martina Ledermann

07/20/2020 - I am working on my new Android art app

Dear art lovers, I am currently programming an Android app for you with which you can conveniently and quickly view a selection of my pictures and drawings, visit my Artflakes Shop and contact me. Since I can only program for Android, the app will be available for download from Amazon in about two weeks. When the time comes, you will find an Amazon button at the top of the home page that leads you directly to the app on Amazon. Please be patient, I work hard on the app for many hours every day.

Participation in the Artbox Project Zurich 2.0 / Swiss Art Expo

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