Brown Impression



Title: Brown Impression

Motivation: This print was created because I had a lot of color on the artwork from a previous printing process and wanted to experiment with what a second print would look like. This is how the red and yellow areas were created. Since the sheet was still quite empty afterwards, I painted brush strokes in between with brown paint.

Technique: The red and yellow areas are a foam rubber print. The brown areas were painted with a brush.

Material: Watercolor paper, 140 lbs

Dimensions: 8.7" x 11.8"

Period produced: 2020

How to zoom? Move the mouse over the picture. Click by hand. a window is opening. Click twice on the picture. Set the zoom factor in the top left of the zoom window and move it in the image.

Below you can see the in-room view.

Price: EUR 155.00 incl.VAT plus packaging and shipping costs

Only in Germany: Leasing yes (Information)


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