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These places shaped my artistic activities:

I would like to give you an insight into my artistic work. The numerous plant, nature and architecture studies on my trips are essential for this. You shaped my artistic activity.

These three pictures show the view from our window. We live in the back house and look next to the house on numerous trees that are in the other back yards. From this window I can see the sunrise every morning. These pictures inspired me to do numerous sunrises and sunsets that I painted. Often, watercolors, pastel drawings and acrylic paintings were created.


These pictures and many other photos were taken during a Thanksgiving Day. You inspired me to paint fruits and vegetables. They often appear in my watercolor pictures and digital pictures. My Halloween pictures show pumpkins among other things. The last picture that shows me was taken in plant studies at the end of summer.



Plant studies during a Thanksgiving Day. The venue may not be named at the operator's request. I very often draw and paint a wide variety of plants in my pictures. I love flowers very much. They impress me again and again with their magnificent colors.





Animal studies in the pheasantry in the city forest. Many different wild animals live in the pheasantry such as wild boar, goats, deer, deer, ravens, owls, chickens, turkeys and others. Some of them are injured animals found in the forest. In the pheasant shop in Frankfurt's city forest there is a forest shop that offers delicacies from the forest and nature, as well as the city forest house. The Stadtwaldhaus provides information about animal and nature conservation. It is particularly interesting for children because there are numerous interesting events taking place all year round.

I paint and draw wild animals and pets very often. I love animals very much. Cats and fish particularly attracted me.



The photo was taken in the city forest in the pheasantry. It shows a wild bee nesting aid. Insect protection is essential for human survival. When the bees die, humans also die. We are slowly eradicating ourselves. One of my pictures shows an insect hotel. Again and again the small houses inspire me for insects. If I ever have my own garden, a large insect hotel, nesting aids for birds and piles of leaves for hedgehogs will definitely come into the garden. Wildlife welcome!





Die zwei Fotos oben zeigen den Fo Guang Shan Tempel in Frankfurt am Main. Es ist ein buddhistischer Tempel. An dem Tag war gerade “Tag der offenen Tür”. Normalerweise öffnet sich die buddhistische Gemeinde nicht der Öffentlichkeit. Das Musikinstrument auf dem ersten Bild zeigt eine Guzheng. Das ist eine chinesische historische Wölbbrettzither. Sie befindet sich auch im Fo Guang Shan Tempel.

I am very interested in the language and culture of historical China. I learn Chinese with a Chinese app when I have time. However, I am still a beginner. Chinese characters and motifs such as cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and bamboo often appear in my pictures. In addition, I painted a traditionally dressed Chinese musician with ink.



The four photos are from my three-week trip to Ireland. We visited the Muckcross House, which is located in the middle of an idyllic landscape. The forest, the sea, waterfalls - these motifs keep appearing in my works. I mostly paint watercolors, but also pastel and acrylic paintings. The Ireland trip offered a unique opportunity for nature studies.



These four pictures were also taken in Ireland. The first two in a heritage park north of Dublin. I am interested in all historical buildings. No matter whether it is simple dwellings of our early ancestors, Indian tents, igloos of the Inuit, half-timbered houses or castles. I have painted and drawn many pictures in Indian ink and other techniques that show architectural works of art.



In this photo, taken in Ireland as well, the plants and the cat inspired me to take it. Ireland is the land of forests, hills, rocks, flowers, meadows and waterfalls. There are numerous palaces and castles that can be visited. Simply a dream country with nice people! Cats are one of my favorite motifs.



Sixteen beautiful years Kater Blacky ( lived with us. Many pictures were created that are inspired by Blacky. In addition, Blacky has blogged for over twelve years from his own perspective. There are over 400 posts on the blog. Unfortunately, tomcat Blacky died on July 19, 2018 at the age of 18 from his serious illnesses.




Here you can see me visiting the Grüngürtel in Frankfurt am Main. His mascot is the water-spewing green belt animal. These photos were taken on the Lohrberg. At the top of the picture are tree trunks that have impressed me. I very often paint trees using different painting techniques. I particularly like the impressive grain of the trees. It was only recently discovered that trees communicate with each other.


In good weather we visit the annual Martinsfeuer in Günthersburgpark. It is kindled to celebrate Saint Martin. On these evenings I can watch the flames extensively and show them in my pictures. I have different digital fire pictures.


A look in the neighboring garden inspired me to create my digital Easter painting. The front yard is two streets from our house. Every year the residents decorate their garden for Easter. On other days you can find decoration according to the season.


Now you've learned a little more about part of my life. An artist paints his life - his feelings, his soul, his surroundings. If you have any questions or requests, please write to:


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