Art Leasing

What is Art Leasing?

With art leasing, private individuals or companies can borrow an artwork for a certain period for a monthly fee (3% of the price of the artwork including VAT). There are additional one-off packaging and shipping costs for shipping.

For Whom is Art Leasing Suitable?

You can lease one or more of my works of art if you would like changing art on your premises. Or also because you are not sure about a piece of art whether you want to finally buy it. It is, so to speak, “art to try out”. Perhaps there is a certain event on your premises for which you would like to present works of art to your guests?

Minimum Term

The minimum term is three months. The term is extended by three months, unless you cancel in writing 14 days before the expiry date. Payments already made will not be reimbursed.

Lease Term / Purchase Option

The lease term is unlimited if you lease one or more works of art. If you would like to purchase the artwork at the end of the term, only the leasing costs of the first leasing year will be deducted from the purchase price.

Which Paintings and Drawings Can Be Leased?

You can lease most of my paintings and drawings. However, there are some paintings and drawings that I am not willing to lease or sell. I reserve this right. I have canvas paintings as well as paintings and drawings on watercolor paper and cardboard. Check out this website or in my Artflakes Shop there you will find almost all of my works. However, the prices on art flakes do not correspond to the value of the original painting. This is calculated from the dimensions of the painting and the type of material (paper, cardboard, canvas). On my website is only a selection of my paintings and drawings. Please write to and I will make you a non-binding offer for my painting or drawings that you like and that you would like to lease or buy.

What Do I Have to Do So That I Can Lease a Painting from You?

You choose the works of art that you would like to lease and send me an email. In any case, please tell me the title of the work, the desired lease term and your contact details. I will then make you a non-binding offer and send you the leasing contract, which you can also send in here. Both contract partners sign this leasing contract (a digital signature is sufficient) and you send this contract back to me by email. After receipt of your payment due immediately upon sending the leasing contract (first leasing rate + packaging and shipping costs), you will have the works of art on your premises a maximum of five to eight working days later.

I Would Like to Lease One of Your Digital Works. Is This Possible?

Yes, it is possible. You will then receive and send the digital work on photo paper (matt or glossy, depending on your choice). In this case, I refer to the size 21 cm x 29 cm for the price calculation. This corresponds to the size of the photo paper.

Are the Artworks Delivered with a Frame?

No, all works of art are delivered without a frame. You should be able to choose a frame according to your wishes. The lessee bears the costs for this.

Do I Have to Take Out Insurance for the Artworks?

You can take out insurance for the works of art, but you don't have to. If the works of art are damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, you pay the full price of the work of art minus the leasing fees of the first year that you have paid, as the work will then no longer be available for leasing or sale to other customers Available. In this respect, it is advisable to inform the household insurance and ask to insure the works of art.

How is the artwork handed over?

Die Kunstwerke werden mit einem Versandunternehmen (DHL) an Sie an eine postalische, ladungsfähige Adresse versendet. Die Kosten für den Versand entnehmen Sie bitte hier. Eine Abholung in meinem  Atelier ist nicht möglich. Der Grund ist, dass ich immer wissen möchte, wo sich meine Werke tatsächlich befinden.

In Which Countries Do You Lease Your Artworks?

I only lease my works or those that are intended for them within Germany to the German mainland. Leasing abroad is not possible. If you have leased a work and plan to move abroad, the work must be returned to me immediately and the leasing contract expires with immediate effect.

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