Everything about the shipping of my artworks

  • In folgende Länder versende ich meine Werke: Deutschland (deutsches Festland), Schweiz, Russische Föderation, USA, Kanada und Japan.
  • Shipping company: DHL. I do not deliver to packing stations and only to the German mainland.
  • The final cost of an artwork is calculated from the price of the artwork including VAT plus packaging and shipping costs including VAT.
  • In canvas paintings, edge protectors are attached at all corners and wrapped with bubble wrap. Drawings and paintings on drawing board, watercolor paper etc. are placed between two solid boxes and glued and wrapped with bubble wrap.
  • You will usually receive your artwork within five days if you are in Germany. If packaging material needs to be ordered, it may take a few days longer. Unfortunately, an exact delivery time cannot be stated abroad, as this depends on the transport company. However, the delivery time can, for example, be up to six weeks to the USA or Japan.
  • If you lease a work of art, you pay the first lease payment plus the one-off payment of the packaging and shipping costs mentioned below, including VAT, immediately after submitting the leasing contract.
  • Shipping to the following countries is calculated using the packaging and shipping costs mentioned below:




Pictures on cardboard / photo paper / drawing paper (up to 10" cm x 14" cm)

  • Germany (mainland): EUR 6.99 incl.VAT
  • Switzerland: EUR 31.00 incl.VAT
  • Russian Federation: EUR 21.89 incl.VAT
  • USA: EUR 41.00 incl.VAT
  • Canada: EUR 39.99 incl.VAT
  • Japan: EUR 47.99 incl.VAT

        Canvas pictures (up to 48" x 24" x 24")

  • Germany (mainland): 19.00 EUR incl.VAT.
    (Germany: For smaller works of art, we try to provide the cheapest insured shipping for you.)
  • Switzerland: EUR 54.00 incl.VAT
  • Russian Federation: EUR 52.00 incl.VAT
  • USA: EUR 65.00 incl.VAT
  • Canada: EUR 59.00 incl.VAT
  • Japan: EUR 67.00 incl.VAT







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