Martina Ledermann
Graphic designer, painter


Martina Ledermann, artist name „Lesnivila“, born 1968 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Europe
Childhood and youth with the grandparents
1988-1990 training as a secretary
1992 graduation from evening grammar school
1992-1995 study of pedagogy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
1994-2006 Various activities as a poster designer and employee at church institutions
2006 until now company foundation (translations, art, design, photography)
2010 art course at the Städel University in Frankfurt am Main
2020 online graphic design course at the Californian Institute of Arts (CalArt)
Entry into the NFT world from 2021 until now

Instagram: @lorettas_artworks

Twitter: @Lesnivila68

What means „Lesnivila“? This word means „Forest Fairy“.